This 8-bit Processor Built in Minecraft can Run its Own Games

Computer chips have become so small and complex that it's sometimes difficult to remember that there are real physical principles behind them. They're not just a pile of ever-growing numbers. For a practical (well, virtual) example, look up the most recent version of a computer processor that is built exclusively within the Minecraft game engine.

Minecraft builder "Sammyuri" spent seven months building what they call the Chungus 2, an enormously complex computer processor that exists virtually inside the Minecraft game engine. This isn't even the first time that a computer processor has been rebuilt in Minecraft, but the Chungus 2 (Computation Humongous Unconventional Number and Graphics Unit) might very well be the largest and most complex, as it simulates an 8-bit processor with one hertz of clock speed and an adabyte of RAM.

Minecraft processors make use of the physics engine used in the game to recreate the structure of real processors on a macro level, with materials including redstone dust, torchers, pistons, repeaters, levers and other basic machines. extremecraft To give you a sense of scale, each block in Minecraft is a virtual meter in diameter. extremecraft This means it's roughly the same size as an airplane or a skyscraper if the build were to be recreated in the real world.

When connected to an in-game 32x32 "screen" and "controller" (manipulated by the Minecraft player avatar jumping on buttons that are block-sized) Chungus 2 Chungus 2 can play interchangeable 2D games like Tetris, Snake, or even a graphing calculator. Some programs need the Minecraft server to be artificially sped up in order to make the 1Hz processor responsive enough to play. Every program is developed virtually in Minecraft connecting to the computer like a game cartridge the size of a freight train.

The project is an amazing application of computer science, conceived in a way that makes its concepts tangible and visible. The video showcasing the Chungus 2 is impressive enough. If you'd like to see it in action, you can download it and run it on your server at mc.openredstone.org. If we hold off for several years, we may get a Minecraft CPU that is powerful enough to run Minecraft and at that point the universe will probably collapse.