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Mitchell Straub, an Australian YouTube content creator, is Mitchell Straub. Mitchell Straub, an internet gamer and Twitch streamer, is Mitchell Straub. His YouTube channel, "Strauberryjam", is well-known. He has three YouTube channels and can be found on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter.

Mitchell Straub, an Australian YouTube content creator is Mitchell Straub. Mitchell Straub is an internet gamer and Twitch streamer. His YouTube channel, "Strauberryjam," is well-known. He has three YouTube channels and is available on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

What is The Net Worth of Mitchell Straub in 2022?

In the meantime there is no information about Mithcell Straub's net worth, or earnings is available. His Twitch and YouTube activities could earn him money.

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Early Life of Mitchell Straub : Age , born and education

Mitchell Straub was born on July 3, 1996, and is now 24 years old. His zodiac sign is Cancer and he was born in Victoria, Australia. Mitchell's parents are Stefanie and Sven, and he has two siblings. He, too, has a brother named Luke.
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Moving forward, Mitchell has remained tight-lipped regarding his school history. Mitchell could have completed his bachelor's degree if he had not decided to stop studying and instead focus on his career.

Measurements of the Body: Height and Weight

At present Mitchell Straub's body measurements are unconfirmed. His height as well as weight, chest waist, and hip measurements and his dress and shoe sizes, are currently unavailable. Mitchell Straub has light brown hair and hazel eyes.

Relationship Status: Single

There's no information on Mitchell Straub's marital status that is available. He could be single or unmarried. He has avoided scandals and rumors as well as other issues that could hurt his public image or personal life.

Mitchell has previously shared the same home with another YouTube personality, HeyImBee. Both HeyImBee and Straub have said that they are not involved in any romantic relationships. They are just the best of friends, as they stated in a video posted on HeyImBee's channel called Draw My Life.

Mitchell Straub was caught talking behind her back in an HeyImBee video about ItsKricken. Mithcell was later forced to leave The Cube after this incident. Since then, he's been forgiven and everyone at The Cube is good friends with Mithcell.

Mitchell Straub, a social media influencer. He is most well-known as Mitchy, Straub, or Strauberryjam, the YouTube content maker. He also has three Minecraft channels: "StrauberryPlays," "StrauberryVlogs," and the aforementioned "Strauberryjam."

On November 6 2011, Mitchell created his "Strauberryjam" YouTube account. He released his debut video, Minecraft: Strauberry Island Episode 1 - Building the House, on May 30 2012. In addition his Minecraft: Pixelmon series is responsible for the majority of his most popular videos on this channel.

Mitchell then followed up with more Minecraft videos. Mitchell joined The Cube, a survival Minecraft multiplayer server in 2013. The server's videos were the main series on his channel. Mitchell Straub took a step further when he made the Minecraft videos. He explored more areas of Minecraft on each stage, ultimately improving his gameplay. Straub has already published a few Minecraft gaming videos that are quite detailed and clearly explained.

Mitchell became friends with HeyImBee, a Minecraft YouTuber. They also shared a house at one point in their lives. Mitchell also launched his "StrauberryPlays” channel on August 30 2013. It offers a variety of games, including Sims3, Sims4, Pokemon, and many more. The third channel, "StrauberryVlogs," was created by Mitchell. It is a collection of interesting vlogs of his life. Mitchell publishes a variety entertaining videos, ranging from road trips to shopping vlogs.

Mitchell's first YouTube channel, Minecraft: Strauberry Island - Episode 1 - Building the House, was created in November 2011. He uploaded this video on May 30, 2012, and it currently has 25,939 views. Minecraft: Pixelmon - Episode 27 - OMG I FOUND A MEW!! It is also the most watched video (Pokemon Mod). Over 722k viewers have watched this video. GIVING Kids HYPIXEL RANKS FOR CHRISTMAS, GRAPEAPPLESAUCE EXPOSED - HACKING with proof! ! And Minecraft: Pixelmon 2.0 - Episode 1 - SEASON 2! (Pokemon Mod) each have more than 423k, 421, and 412k views, respectively.

Mitchel created his second channel, StrauberryPlays, in August 2013. The channel's most recent video is StrauberryPlays Channel trailer! This video has been watched more than 9,895 times since it was uploaded on August 31 in 2013. Pokemon Lost Silver (ROM Hack) and MAKING BABIES - Sims 3 - #33, with over 268k and 102k views respectively, are videos that have more than 100k views. He launched his third channel in August 2014.