I Played WoW On A Private Server. These Are My Conclusions

The essence of "the vanilla experience" lies in the fact it takes 8-10 second to kill a level-one mob at level 1, and that it builds up from that point. Also, doing all the noobquests won't take you to level six. This is the key to the first six level.

Classic "the vanilla Experience" starts at seven. You only need to balance it so pulling one mob is fine; pulling two mobs can be dangerous and pulling three will endanger your health. Retail's problem at L7 is that decisions aren't governed by consequences.
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To make it "the vanilla experience" from around fifteen onwards you need to introduce occasional world mobs that will kill you if you don't adapt to their trickery, and quest scenarios like three-pulls that will kill all but the best and smartest single players. Thus teamwork is required.

The above is the vanilla experience vanilla players truly want. It's not the mailbox interface, the lack of guild bank, or the way hunters or warlocks level more efficiently. All about private wow servers It's also not OOMkins running out mana in Molten Core. It's the challenge of the levelling process. It takes 120 to 200 hours to reach 60, and you are constantly at risk of getting killed by mobs if your mistakes are made along the way.

The purists are complaining that if the mailbox UI or feral Raid DPS is changed, it will spoil everything. However, I think that Classic will discover that none of this rubbish matters when it launches. What is important is hundreds of hours worth of challenging content that requires some communication and teamwork. That is what got completely lost in retail.

I have to admit that seeing my Orgrimmar, my Thunder Bluff, and my Undercity again was a great feeling of nostalgia. It would be ridiculous to think of Blizzard changing any map in any way. But as long as the maps and the sound effects and the general level of challenge is the same, I think Classic will be just fine no matter what other changes they make.

I can't picture anyone reaching 60 and being raid ready after 200 hours of challenging gaming. Then saying "WHAT?" Rag Hunter DPS is almost as good as rogue DPS. "I AM UNINSTALLED!" All about private wow servers It will all be fine.

So basically, I'm saying: Relax if there are changes. Everything else is irrelevant as long the core gameplay of raiding and levelling has vanilla pace and vanilla challenge. It may seem like it's not important, but you won't care when the time comes for you to play that content.